Friday, 8 July 2011


Topic Wise Reference On General Studies

Books on Indian History & Culture:
*NCERT (+ 2 level) — Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India.
*Publication Division : Gazetteer of India (Vol 2 : History & Culture)
*Gandhi Nehru Tagore & Ambedkar — Gopal Krishna
*Bipin Chandra - Modern India 
*A.C.Banerjee - History of Modern India Raghavan Aiyer — Mahatma Gandhi

Books on Geography:
*NCERT : Physical Geography of India for X - XII Std
*A Good School Atlas
*Sharma & Cotinho : Economic and Commercial Geography of India.
*Khullar : India- A Comprehnsive Geography
*Charles Farro : General Principles of World Geography 
*Charles Farro : Monsoon Asia Reports published by Centre for Science and Enviornment And *Tata Energy Research Institute
*National journal - Kurukshetra, Yojana etc.
*Down to earth

Books on Indian Economy:
*NCERT (+1 level)—Evolution of Indian Economy(I C Dhingra).
*Mishra & Puri or Dutt & Sundaram - Indian Economy
*Economic Survey
*The Economic Times,Business Standard

Books on Social and National Issues :
*Social Problem - Ram Ahuja
*Social Welfare Magazine - Published by ministry of social welfare
*IIPa Journal

Books on Indian Polity:
*NCERT (+1 level)—Indian Political System
*N.L. Madan : Bhartiya Rajya Vyavastha
*D.D. Basu—Indian Constitution
*Kashyap—Constitution of India
*Publication Division—Subhash C. Kashyap : Our Parliament
*P.M. Bakshi—Indian Constitution
*Our Constitution : Subhash C. kashyap
*Perspective on Constitution : S.C. Kashyap
*Frontline Magazine
*IIPa Journal

Books on Science & Technology:
*NCERT : (10 level) : Science, (+2 level) : Biology.
*Popular Science Series (CSIR)
*Reports Of the Ministry of Science and Technology Yojana
*Science Reporter
*Science and Technology in India - Spectrum

Books on Statistics:

*(NCERT +1 level) Elementary Statistics
*S.C.Gupta : Statistical Methods 

Books on India and the World :
*Journal of peace Studies
*World Focus
*Strategic Analysis
*South Asian Journal

Other Books for General Studies:
1.India Year Book latest
2.One competitive Magazine
3.Guides like Tata Mc Graw Hill, Spectrum or Unique For General Reference 
4. The Pearson General Studies Manual

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