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This blog is very useful for the ias aspirants,all the ias aspirants are adviced to read this blog for the sake of their bright future.

 To become an IAS OFFICER is a dream of lacks n lacks of people but actually  only few succed in it.
Its a hard truth of life.

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 It is a dream of many to get in to the civil service. One needs to prepare well for the exams. Once a person passes these exams, success is sure shot. Civil service exams are given by individuals who want to become civil servants, i.e. work for the government. It is very important to pass the exams in order to get a job in local, state and federal level. The syllabus is not that vast, but one needs to know all the facts and figures required. One of the most preferred career options is of IAS, Indian administrative service, which ensures high pays and a secure future.

Civil service exams are conducted and prepared by a special panel of bureaucrats. Getting into civil service is like a dream come true. The respect given to one, at any post after passing these exams is beyond any body’s imagination. The civil exams are divided in to two parts: the main and the prelims. One can only get into the main exams after passing the prelims. So prelims are very important to prepare for. The syllabus is not vast but be clear and through with whatever you are preparing. If you are preparing for IAS, you need to keep certain factors in mind during preparation of the entrance exam:
One has to choose subjects for the prelims, for this you have to be very careful. History, maths and geography have been proved to be much scoring, go for subjects you think will help you score well. Prepare the syllabus well and thoroughly. Also while reading the syllabus, make sure the reading material is easily available and have proper guidance.
You can not, by any chance pass the IAS exam if you are weak on the current affairs and general knowledge quotient. You have to read newspapers, magazines, listen to news, be updated with the recent happenings and the important events and incidents that have taken place. If you are not sure, take as many quizzes as possible.
They also judge your Basic English. One has to be aware and well versed with the grammar and comprehension skills. Vocabulary is also an important part.


 The main syllabus in general studies of IAS entrance exam includes:
Constitution of India
Current affairs

These factors have to be kept in mind during IAS exam preparation tips or any other civil service exam preparation.
Current affairs are a must in the syllabus of any competitive exam.



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  4. @Geeta Singh ....i would like to know more about IAS exam, as i m from computer science background......would like to have suggestion about subjects which i should take....thanks in adavance...

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  7. can u say what books can be preferred for ias preparation

  8. How can I study for upsc civil services exam? books to be referred for upsc civil services indian polity exam book

  9. Since I being beginner please guide me with the preparation of upsc exam??? I'm pursuing civil engineering

  10. Since I being beginner please guide me with the preparation of upsc exam??? I'm pursuing civil engineering

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